Welcome to Raulerson Relics, where friendly service and a happy customer is our goal. I love History and collecting mementos of a long ago era. I collect, buy, and sell anything of the American Civil War period. Other wars are of interest as well. I collect disarmed artillery shells, firearms, swords, belt plates, bullets, bullets in wood, uniforms, accoutrements, letters, images and practically any thing else. I particularly love dug weapons. As a collector I am always looking for an item for my collection but also looking for items to pass on to my fellow collectors. If you are looking for something special let me know. If you have something for sale likewise let me know. This is hobby not a business. If you are a collector yourself then I don't have to explain the thrill of handling or getting a new item for your collection. It is exciting holding that sword or firearm just wondering what story it could tell. If you are thinking about starting a collection, there has never been a better time than now. It is a very rewarding hobby. Thank you for visiting my web site and check back often as new items will continue to arrive. I work a full time job so that with family time adding items may be slow at times but I will keep on top of it getting you new and exciting items to peruse through. If you have any questions check out my contact page for that information. SITE WIDE PRICE REDUCTIONS, CHECK EM OUT. THANK YOU FOR VISITING.

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." Thomas Jefferson